PokerSports: Revolutionizing How DFS Is Played

Traditional DFS (Fanduel, Draftkings, FantasyDraft)

In the world of fantasy sports a fan has the unique opportunity to create an all-star team of players built in the likeness of how they see fit. There are usually cap restrictions in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), which creates a challenge for players and really creates a specific level of strategy. Do you go for a lineup of decent players? Do you stack your lineup with a few superstars? Where is that dark horse player that will win you the competition.

Honestly, DFS is for many fans a way to be a GM and hone your skills as an NBA, NFL, or even MLB savant. If you are willing to put in the research, then your chances of making the money increase drastically. However, what if one of your players gets hurt the day of the game? What if they get tossed due to a personal foul? What if they simply just do not perform well that day?

In any or all these scenarios your research may unequivocally amount to being worthless.

A few strategies that you will see in DFS on big market competitors like Draft Kings and FanDuel are multiple entries. In fact, if you look closely enough in every competition that allows multiple entries, then you will see a reoccurring theme – multiple players with max entries (some refer to these users as DFS whales). The thing that separates these DFS whales from a casual player is the extreme odds advantage weighted towards the whale to win.

Simply put and an easy question to answer is: Would you rather have 1,000 chances to win $1,000,000 or one singular chance?

The Refreshing Take on DFS by PokerSports

The name sort of signifies and announces the twist on traditional daily fantasy. PokerSports has rejuvenated the scene by adding various elements to allow users to be interactive with other players, and creates a completely new balance of strategy and luck or variance. They combine the passion of sports and the strategy of poker to give the player an exhilarating experience.

Instead of explaining the intricacies of the game myself, I will let the creators do so with a wonderfully crafted tutorial explaining their take on DFS – FantasyStud:

If this quick explanation and tutorial aren’t enough to convince you, then be sure to check out their other videos on FantasyStud and live game play footage on Youtube. However, this is just one small piece of PokerSports and the games they offer the player base of DFS. As you will see, they have decided to up the ante with a groundbreaking move into blockchain technology.

The PokerSports ICO

There are definitely a lot of reasons why this project and company are turning heads in DFS, but one specific reason is their recent entry into blockchain technology with the introduction of the $XPST cryptocurrency. In order to solve a lot of payment and regulation issues, as well as, bring transparency and smaller transaction fees, PokerSports announced their ICO and have definitely made a statement with their strong white paper. All of which can be viewed here:

If you would like to take an in-depth look at the ICO and their ambition to bring DFS to eSports, then I encourage you to visit the aforementioned site. Also, I would like to connect you to their Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for up-to-date news on progress, giveaways (such as the 15,000 token giveaway), and additions to the development/advisor team.

Here is one article that explains why their timing of bringing the DFS industry to blockchain is perfect, “An ICO for the Perfect Moment.”


PokerSports Token Sale,” is a wonderful and simple article on their entry into the space.

Stay tuned for more articles about PokerSports and updates on everything crypto.


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