Coinbase: How and Why You Should Use It


I actually created this video yesterday for friends and family. The reason I made it is because so many new people are getting interested in cryptocurrency and they are asking questions about buying/selling Bitcoin. The truth of the matter (and the point I made in the video) is that Bitcoin is the household name of cryptocurrency. It is the Godfather of the crypto space and the showcase of this decentralized world we have built.

So, I chose Coinbase as a showcase for their purchasing of BitCoin because of specific features and their referral program. They pay the person that refers $10 in Bitcoin for every $100 initial deposit, **AND** they give the person referred $10 of Bitcoin. I put a lot of emphasis on this fact because you are given the incentive to move into the crypto space by receiving the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency available.


The second reason why I decided on Coinbase instead of an alternative like Gemini is the instant deposit feature that comes with creating an account on Coinbase with your debit/credit card. In a volatile market like crypto, every minute or hour or day matters on the number of positions you can buy. Bitcoin can be up 30% one day and down 40% the next. So, being able to purchase instantly is a huge benefit and step up over Gemini.

I do know that Gemini will credit your account to purchase, but you are unable to trade off of the site or move the coin to an offline wallet. So, you could buy the positions, but you cannot do anything with the positions afterward.

Anyways, I touch on a few other points for the video and I hope you enjoy it!

Coinbase website:
Gemini website:

My Youtube Channel:


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